Sonata Group is heavily invested into Commercial Management Software. This tool not only makes our business more efficient, but to make the service we provide to our clients a step above.

How our software makes a difference to you…

  • Digital field measuring integrated with our estimating software means accurate takeoffs and you purchasing just the right amount of material
  • Procurement solutions for inventory control
  • Project management software streamlines our process, so we can get your job finished faster
  • Visual reports that will show just how your flooring will layout, so it looks just the way you want it
  • Operations managing workforce and timelines

We embrace technology to make our job more effective, so we can make your project better.

We believe that every successful project begins with a detailed, accurate, and comprehensive project estimate. At Sonata Group our team provides an invaluable benefit to our clients by delivering the most precise and all-encompassing bid packages to include seaming diagrams, screen shots, takeoffs, quantity and labor costs individually called out, and more. We employ the most up-to-date technology to guarantee accuracy and transparency on every job. This has distinguished and qualified us to command presence and thus differentiates our company from all others in our industry.

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