Handling & Warehousing

Our warehouse handling practices include the appropriate and safe handling of equipment and can fulfill material handling requirements at the lowest possible overall cost. We control the movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and products throughout the warehousing and distribution to our clients. Other benefits include improved supply management and accelerated delivery times. The material handling plays an important role in manufacturing and logistics.

Occupied Logistics


Office renovation is one of Sonata Group’s specialties, and we make the process easy for our clients. With select finishes we can offer minimal disruption in your space in order to keep downtime next to nothing.

Our project managers will listen to the goals of the renovation project to understand what is necessary to achieve the expected results. We will not only think about what you need today, but also consider what your space may need in a few years to try and accommodate future requirements.

Sonata Group will guide you through the process while keeping all facets of the project in mind.

  • Completing work during non-business hours
  • Dust control
  • Providing guides for an easy transition during the renovation
  • Coordinating with other project contractors

Do not let the prospect of a healthcare renovation have you looking at simply moving to another space to avoid it! Sonata Group will help you make your existing space feel like new without all the headaches you are expecting.

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