Estimating/Value Engineering

We know the importance of full transparency for our clients, which is why we seamlessly and fully define the scope of your project to include bidding, labor, and time costs. By fully defining the scope of your project, you can rest assured that all aspects have been addressed and not left for future questions or delays.

Our computerized estimating system provides our clients with an unprecedented and unmatched detailed bid package. This detailed, in-depth, and all-inclusive bid package ensures accuracy and precision for every project. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the most comprehensive, all-encompassing thorough bid package that includes material takeoffs, quantity requirements, seaming diagrams, installation, and project management.

We provide value-engineering services throughout the entire lifecycle of your project. This management technique gives us and our clients a creative edge that sparks innovative solutions to ongoing challenges. Value-engineering identifies problems before they occur and provides new and/or alternative solutions in order to complete your project in the most cost-effective way, without sacrificing functionality or performance. This “out-of-the-box” approach has saved our clients countless headaches, dollars, and has created an overall smoother process through the project life cycle.

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